An Honest Review of GoDaddy Web Hosting

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Have you ever heard of GoDaddy? Most people online have heard of this company. Even if you've never owned a domain or website, you've surely seen their ads. Being one of the most high profile web hosting companies has its advantages, but it also leaves you open to criticism as well. If you are interested in learning about GoDaddy, this article will tackle the many positive and negative aspects of this web hosting company.
If you are looking for one of the largest Web hosting companies on the Internet, GoDaddy fits the bill, being in the top five at the very least. Aside from all of the many types of hosting it provides, it manages many millions of domains. Although this company is not perfect, it does provide plenty of features and perks, plus low prices, for its many customers worldwide. There are several disadvantages that go along with working with a lesser-known smaller web hosting company that we would like to mention. Smaller companies have fewer resources, thus limiting what they can do for their customers. For example, you may not be able to reach their customer support at all hours. Problems like this will not exist if you use GoDaddy as your web host for your sites.

GoDaddy doesn't just offer basic web hosting plans, they offer advanced offerings as well. One of those options is the cloud hosting, which you need to consider when you want to start a business and have a bunch of control and flexibility over your site. GoDaddy offers customers options to both pay as you use space and pay on a monthly basis. They also offer a variety of plans using virtual dedicated servers. They offer at least five levels of service at price points that start out at $30 a month. The advanced web hosting services are more than reasonable when you compare GoDaddy's to other services so you should see what they've got to offer when you want to find an advanced solution for your business.

If you do any searches for customer reviews, you'll find that GoDaddy probably has more negative reviews than any other web hosting company. They have plenty of positive reviews also, but the negative ones can give you pause before signing up with them. You do have to consider the possibility, though, that many people are more likely to write critical rather than positive reviews.

Negative comments tend to jump out at us more than positive ones, even if they are in the minority. When you consider the huge number of customers GoDaddy has, the number of complaints isn't that large. Yet if you find that negative reviews often refer to the very same issue, this is something that's worth paying attention to. In conclusion, you have to do a little bit of research and consider the positive and negative aspects of the web hosting companies that you find to inevitably choose the right one. GoDaddy, like any large company, has its critics as well as its fans. We've presented you with some information you can use to help make up your own mind. The bottom line is that, whatever web host you choose, it needs to comply with your needs, expectations and your budget.

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